Human resources 


Engineering experts serving as a senior-level manager for the past 25 years of practice in the development of innovative solutions. With proven planning and execution skills for R&D and operations, we bring to the table wide-angle vision and insight combined with knowledge.  Experienced working within large companies as well as start-ups in global markets makes him a great team player and tech-leader. Help leading companies from the concept phase to full commercialization. His experience in small and large-scale projects makes him a major contributor to new business opportunities.

Process And Manufacturing Engineers experienced with management and technological leadership of systemic and subsystem processes and experiments. Managing production and assembly processes with many interfaces. Our expertise in leading and streamlining production processes in the face of project challenges from the development stage to serial production. Lead the system and sub-system Validation and Verification testing. Leading processes in a multidisciplinary environment with many interfaces and varying constraints. Leading the development of a new product (for which I registered a patent) and expanding the company's activities in a new business direction.

Development of design and production processes from prototype to serial production. Conducting tests to prove the fitness and quality of the product until a standard of use as a safety product is obtained.